Run for your life... and ask questions!


  • Great visual style
  • Easy to play


  • The speech is bad
  • Large files size for such a short game!

Not bad

rComplex is a short, simple game in which you try to escape a giant 'thing' that's chasing you.

The game starts with the silhouette protagonist running, closely followed by tentacles. You control jumps, slides and gunshots. Running is automatic, so it's a case of timing jumps and slides while shooting at the 'thing' when it gets too close. You only have 12 bullets, so you have to ration your shots.

You can probably complete rComplex after a few runs - hitting obstacles slows you down, and eventually that means the tentacles get you and it's game over. However, learning the jumps and slides won't take too long.

The visual style is cool, with well animated, bold graphics in black and red, and excellent animation. It recalls very much the fantastic Canabalt, which is also where rComplex starts to fail. rComplex is not bad, but the inclusion of speech - questions asked by the character about why he's found himself running away from a strange monster - mean it doesn't have the mysterious factor that Canabalt does. rComplex seems to be trying too hard to be cool... which isn't cool!

Despite the unfortunate speech, and its obvious debt to another game, rComplex is still a fun, attractive free game which is worth playing.

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